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Pinning Small Water

Float fishing with a center pin reel has become one of the hottest ways to fish for steelhead. It's many advantages include precise depth and speed control along with a very natural and long drift. When fishing small streams many people believe there is no advantage for the pin due to the short drifts and shallow water that is commonly found on these waters. This is far from true. 
These smaller waters often have small pools and short runs that are perfect for float fishing.  The pin gives your the advantage of being able to precisely run your bait through each section of these pools and runs.

Small Stream Salmon

People often ask me when is the best time to come to the area to fish the smaller waters for Salmon. I always tell them from Columbus day weekend through the end of October. Some times it is earlier but most years we don't get the needed rain until this time.

These smaller streams are not dam regulated like the Salmon and Oswego rivers therefore if we don't get enough rain the fish stack up in the mouth of the rivers and wait. This presents a whole new chance to fish small streams for Salmon.

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